Kitesurf in Porto Pollo is a dream for many riders.

This spot become famous because of Robby Naish . read the full story.

The spot is feature by the isola dei gabbiani istmo, that crerates two beach, the est one called baia dei delfini and the west one called baia del liscia.Sardina is always been called the Hawaii of Europe because of his weather conditions, waves and wind. Lukly not dangerous sharks here :).

It’s very well positioned, you can find anything you need in the small village of Barrabisa (5min by walk from the beach):

  • Market
  • info ponts
  • bike and scooters rentals
  • B&B
  • pizzeria & Restaurants
  •  hotels 
  • night life
  • atm

If this is not enough you can find in Palau ( 5 min by car) many activities and place to eat an have fun ( see below our suggestions)

the best time to stay in Porto Pollo goes from Easter to November. During this time you will fall in love with the warm temperature and the breathless isola dei gabbiani sunset 


kiter during sunset session in Porto Pollo

that's right, how cool is this sunset?

What i have to do before to come in Porto Pollo?

Not so much actually, you can come here in Sardinia by ferry, or with the airplane to Olbia. We highly recommend to rent or to come by ferry with your own car. This island it’s amazing and we suggest you to visit all from north to south! think about rent a bike, it’s perfect here. Locals and people are friendly and always happy to help you. No criminality.

Fell free to come with your children, friend, dogs, cats or any kind of partner, here you will find what you are looking for.

Be sure to book in advance your accomodation, Porto Pollo is not huge and, mostly during high season (July- Sept), most of the structure could be full.

Call us or write us an e mail, we are always happy to help people to get over here! 

What to do in Porto Pollo

  • This is a playground for sport, nature and summer lovers!

let’s start with the Kitesurf and the windsurf.

You will fall in love with these watersports because are easy, safe and everybody can do it. imagine to make sports on the amazing sardinian crystal water while the wind is caressing your face under a summer sun…. we all felt i. love with one of these sports in porto pollo 🙂  MORE INFO

Others sports that you can practice:
  • scuba diving
  • horse riding
  • sup
  • biking
  • climbing
  • wakesurfing and wakeboarding
  • surf
  • trekking
  • sky diving
  • yoga
  • fishing
  • kayak

What about the food?

Guys you are coming in the kingdom of food and the Sardinian is not a less important region of Italy… have you ever hear about:

  • porceddu
  • fregola e bottarga
  • pecorino
  • zuppa gallurese
  • culugiones
  • pasta ai ricci di mare
  • catalan Lobster
  • seadas
  • pane carasau      

well if you don’t know it yet don’t worry, we will help you to try it all 🙂

We are going to suggest you all the most typical and the best restaurants from Palau to Rena Maiore and from Porto Pollo to Porto Cervo. You could also organize a wine tour in some amazing vineyards.

Wanna have fun?

you are in the right place. there are so many beach where you can have a typical Italian appetizer during the sunset and after dinner get ready for some music!

From Palau to Porto Cervo there are many you can choose.

Visit the islands

The tour to the islands is amazing. La Maddalena, Spargi, Caprera, Razzoli e Budelli are just few of the pearls that this island is offering to you. You will not believe how beautiful are these islands.

We suggest to rent a boat and visit these by your own or get a private tour. We can help you to choose the one to get.

Discover the culture

Sardina is also famous for his history and cultural traditions, you can find many old village with amazing museums. We suggest to visit the olivastri millenari from Luras. These trees are considered two from the oldest three in the world 2800-4000 years old, 12 meters tall, you will be invaded from an incredible energy by seating under these natural gift.